Christian School Surveys

Why do surveys?

Because leaders are mission driven; data informed

Surveys provide crucial data that enable us to identify trends, pinpoint significant issues, and provoke the right questions to ask. While they do not ‘prove’ a particular point, they provide confidence that the school’s direction is good – or they provide a warning that there are issues to be addressed. 

CSM Surveys are specifically for Christian schools. They are based on primary research carried out in Christian schools. They have norms that come from Christian school constituents.

CSM Surveys are priced in a way that your school can afford year after year – a key component to getting good survey information is to get it consistently. You have to be able to put a number in your budget that you know you can always find. CSM provides that consistency for you. 

CSM Surveys are easy to do: you provide the links to your constituents. At the end of the process, your report is available to you in PDF format almost immediately – no waiting for weeks to ‘find out’!

Choose your surveys to do today! 

Student Listening Survey is now available

Teacher Culture Survey is now available

Parent Experience Survey available in May 2024

Employee High Performance Survey available in March 2025

Note: CSM Members have preferential rates on all Surveys saving them at least a year’s membership cost. 

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